This is How You Overcome The 2 Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making!

rying to piece together random workouts is frustrating and will not lead to the results you’re looking for. 

If you’ve been jumping from program to program, making things up as you go or switching things up constantly, you’re missing the 2 Must-Haves when working out to achieve your goals.

This goes for all kinds of goals including weight loss, toning up, increasing energy, gaining strength, and feeling overall healthier! 

The 2 things your program MUST HAVE in order to be effective are – A planned progression and progressive overload.

#1 What is a planned progression and why is it important?

The first thing to know is the body will adapt quickly to the same stimulus. If you are doing the exact same exercises, the same amount of reps, using the same weight, walking the same distance at the same pace, holding the same stretch over and over- the body will adapt and no longer make any gains – and at some point it will begin to regress unless you start ramping up.

The flip side is if the body is put under too much stress and stimulus, it can’t recover adequately, and the same unfortunate outcome occurs.

The way we overcome this is by slowly progressing in some way over a long period of time. And that’s how I created The Kailon Method. It starts you with base level strength and focuses on your form and proper function.

​You slowly master the basics before you move on to the harder more demanding exercises. That way you’re not overdoing it, and you begin to build the perfect progression to get you to your goals!

There is enough variation to keep things fun and interesting, while still focusing on progressions of the key exercises. I meet you where your fitness level is right now and begin to masterfully progress you forward so you rarely hit a plateau, never get bored and always see a gain of some kind!

You can be a beginner to a super fit athlete and the commonality of success is still the same- Following A Planned Out Progression!

#2 What is Progressive Overload?

This goes hand in hand with the planned progression! What it means is I teach you how to add something to your exercises as you progress. Although adding more weight is one way, there are others to make sure your body is always being challenged in some productive way.

It can be adding a few more reps or adding an additional set to your exercise. It can be limiting the amount of rest between each exercise. Even just focusing more on your mind- muscle connection is a way to make gains!

The important thing is to make small improvements consistently to boost performance and change your body’s appearance.

There is truth to the saying, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

But the important thing to take away is to challenge yourself slowly and intelligently over time, not all at once!

That is what I do for you!

If you’re ready to make some changes and follow an intelligently planned progression for REAL RESULTS- Join The Kailon Method Program!


The 2 things your program MUST HAVE in order to be effective are –
A planned progression and progressive overload!
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