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Kailon Fitness & Nutrition was created by Kristin Fergasse as a way to share safe, effective and time-efficient workout routines that all levels can benefit from (you can choose from at home or in the gym routines), provide our nutrient dense meal plan that is packed with HEALTHY and DELICIOUS recipes, discuss important and relevant information on all topics health and fitness related, and give a sense of community and encouragement to anyone that needs it!

The very foundation of the meaning behind Kailon is to take action at an opportune moment so you can feel strong, confident and live the life you have always imagined.

Join us for FUN, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and TIME EFFICIENT WORKOUTS plus nutritious and delicious whole food meal plans that will keep you feeling full and your body feeling nourished!

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Kailon Fitness & Nutrition Owner

Kailon, Meet Kristin Fergasse

“I am excited to help guide and motivate you to get exactly what you want out of your fitness routine and I can’t wait to witness your greatness!”

I’ve had the opportunity to use my background as a collegiate athlete, a teaching tennis professional coaching Division 1 college and professional athletes, and my 15 years of experience owning a one-on-one training facility where I worked with every type of client from every walk of life, to create this incredible program.

Throughout my 15 years of creating and implementing more than 35,000 individual workouts, I have designed this program to encompass the best routines with safety, effectiveness and time efficiency at the forefront.  I’ve taken into consideration how exercise can impact not just muscles, but also the joints and connective tissues, so that you are doing the exercises with purpose.

I enjoy backpacking and hiking, biking and trail running.  What I have found over the years of consistently working out on my own program, are all of my activities become more enjoyable because my strength is closely tied with everything I love to do!  The stronger I am, the more capable I feel, and that leads to new goals and adventures!

I also love to spend my free time coming up with new and exciting routines for you!  I will also frequently include the most basic and fundamental movements, as they are the building blocks of strength and endurance.  Without getting better at the essentials, everything else will lack form, and productivity!  I want all of us to be strong enough to enjoy life to the fullest!


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I want to take the opportunity to tell you how much your training program has done for me and my life. Perhaps one of the most important parts is I no longer anticipate training or working out as “work” but rather an invigorating experience which embraces my self-esteem and makes my day an exciting challenge. I really look forward to “working out” with the exceptional cueing and routines you create, enabling me to try harder and harder and not giving in. Each week when I surpass the previous weight, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and if I have a question you can always answer it. I am finding my great fear of sagging skin and loss of tone is being eradicated. Feeling firm arms and legs give me a sense of well-being and youthfulness, especially when I challenge my surfer husband to arm wrestling and win! Seriously it is great fun to try on clothes when your body is fit. It is very addicting, which is why I have been working out for almost 16 years!

-Linda W.