Weights, Reps, Sets and Muscle Fatigue Explained!

Weights, Repetitions, Sets and Muscle Fatigue Explained!


I get a lot of questions like – what weight should I use, how many repetitions of each exercise should I be doing, and how many sets should I incorporate?

These are great questions because they are our framework for a fantastic and productive workout…  The kind of workout that will…  over time… give us amazing results.

Now, the first thing I want to tell you, is there is NO ONE PERFECT answer for everyone.  So what I am going to dive into is how to know where to start, how to progress and how to know that you’re on the right track!

Let’s start out with MUSCLE FATIGUE.

I want to begin here because everything I talk about after this, relates back to this!

Your overall goal of each exercise you complete should be getting as close to muscle fatigue as possible while maintaining good form.

Muscle fatigue can be uncomfortable when you first begin, and that’s ok- it’s a practiced skill that takes time and body perception!

The key is to learn good form first, then your goal becomes to do what it takes to get that muscle to a point where it can no longer safely perform the exercise.

Remember, our minds fail before our body –we perceive the uncomfortableness to be bad, but we have to learn how to push through that to get to muscle exhaustion!

I want you to know you will continually get better at pushing yourself over time as you begin to trust your form and your overall awareness!

Ok, so now we know muscle fatigue is your overall goal for every exercise.

Now… Let’s talk about what WEIGHT you should be using. 

This is VASTLY going to vary from person to person.  Strength is relative to the person performing the exercise, things like – have you done the exercise before, are you a beginner or advanced, what do you have access to?  BUT…  Here’s my guidelines…

First, have different weights available– as many as possible – because what you’ll use for a shoulder raise will differ greatly from a leg exercise like a goblet squat.  When just starting out, having 5’s, 10’s and 15’s is a great place to start.

It gives you the opportunity to move up in weight over time and is enough variance to hit all the body parts effectively.

Also, for the home program – having varying thicknesses of your exercise bands is important for the same reasons.

And again, the goal is muscle fatigue- so as long as you exhaust the muscle, don’t get overly caught up in what weight you’re using when starting out!

This leads me into the next topic which is REPETITION RANGES. 

How many repetitions should you be doing?

There are a few factors that go into this.  And that’s why I hesitate to give you specific rep ranges like 15 reps on everything.  WHY???  Because it may take you 20 reps to get to muscle fatigue.  And WHAT’S THE TRUE GOAL OF EVERYTHING WE DOmuscle fatigue!!!  Leaving those last 5 reps on the table means you’re missing out on the overall goal!

I want to give you the best 2 targets to always keep in mind…

Number ONE, get to muscle fatigue between 12-20 reps.

And Number TWO, it should take you between 1 ½ – 3 Minutes to get to muscle fatigue.

12-20 is your sweet spot!  If you can only do 8-10 reps before muscle failure, then you know it was a little too heavy and next time drop the weight.

If you are doing 20-30+ reps with no problem and not even close to muscle failure – then you have to go up in weight next time.

From there, you will get better at perfecting your form, knowing what it is supposed to feel like, and get more comfortable with your stability which will help you push to fatigue within that sweet spot!

Personally, I am always striving to hit muscle fatigue around 12-15 reps or 1:30.  I also keep track of the reps & weights I am using so I know exactly when it’s time to go up!

As a side note, time under tension is important when talking about reps and time.  In my explanation videos, you’ll learn the correct range of motion for each exercise- and it’s important to keep tension on the muscle the entire set- so try for no breaks, no resting, no locking out your joints for the entire duration of the set and through each rep – that’s what will get you to muscle fatigue!

Time to talk about SETS. 

So how many sets should you do?

Let’s break it down.  If you’re a beginner, you are perfectly fine starting with 1 set per exercise.

Again, the overall goal is to make the muscles tired, so no matter how many sets you perform- this has to be your #1 priority! 

Let your body slowly work into the exercises, as it’s important not to overdo it at the beginning.

Long term consistency is KEY so jumping into something and doing too much too soon will be counterproductive.

After a few weeks or months, you may feel ready to add another set to your exercises.  But – I want you to remember…  If you are hitting muscle fatigue on every exercise you will see progress with 1 set each.

This is important, adding sets isn’t what will give you results faster.

It is ALWAYS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.  1 amazing set of 15 reps to muscle exhaustion will ALWAYS be better than 3 sets of sloppy or careless repetitions.


For those of you who are intermediate or advanced and have really mastered muscle failure- you can be incorporating 2-3 sets.  Again, quality sets and reps.  Take short breaks between sets – and your goal is always the same, muscle failure at the end of your set.  Keep in mind, as you add sets to your workout, you may need to drop the weight each time.  And that’s ok.  Keep within your 15-20 rep range and push yourself!

Remember, more DOES NOT always equal better.  Think about that- MORE DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL BETTER!

I have been working out with heavy weights for over 16 years and my #1 goal is always muscle fatigue.  My workouts include following my advanced program of 12 exercises 3 times a week and I aim for 2 hard sets with minimal rest and hitting muscle fatigue on each!

So quick recap…

  • Muscle fatigue is our #1 priority…
  • 15- 20 repetitions per exercise is our sweet spot!
  • The other method of tracking is 1 ½ – 3 minutes of constant time under tension!
  • And we start out with 1 SOLID set each and work your way up from there when you’re ready!


Weight Loss The Right Way

How The Kailon Method Helps You Lose Weight & Tone Up…


Sometimes life gets in the way and our priorities shift – kids, school, work, meetings, cooking, the list goes on and they are all time consuming. And, maybe you haven’t been putting in the time to be as fit as you would ideally like.

So, you’re human. That’s all, it happens to everyone, that’s just how life works unless you’re a professional athlete and can dedicate every waking hour to optimize your body for performance.

Now let’s step back into “normal” people reality (which I include myself in). I developed my program over the last 2 decades to be utilized by everyone – people looking to lose weight, tone up, drop fat and learn proper strength training. This was not built for the professional athlete. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained the best of the best, and can bring the greatest effort out of anyone!

But I want YOU to know, that YOU can use this program and have success!

But what I really want to talk about right now is weight loss and what it really entails.

As soon as someone starts talking about losing weight, many people envision having to run endlessly on the treadmill or climbing a million steps on the stairmaster or spending their day on the elliptical.

They think they have to spend hours a day doing this to get “fit”. Then the next thought is – this is going to be hard, boring, take forever and then just go back to what they were doing (which is probably not much exercise of any kind).

Now… imagine you can spend 30-50 minutes, either 2 or 3 times per week doing something that isn’t repetitive, and each time challenges you in a new way, so you don’t get bored.

And let’s just say that when you do this, you don’t only burn calories and lose weight while you’re doing it, but you continue to burn calories well after you’ve stopped – including when you’re sleeping?

Now that should be all I need to say for you to say ‘Yes Please’ and ‘Sign Me Up.’

Strength training increases our metabolic rate for upwards of 72 hours after lifting.
How cool is that – we burn calories to both repair muscles that we worked out, and muscle requires energy to sustain itself, so that means they burn up calories just to stay on your body!

It’s called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. And if your goal is to lose weight, well guess what? Building muscle should be the MOST important activity you do because increasing muscle is the best way to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate!

As you may recall from my other articles,
cardio only burns calories while you’re performing the exercise and shortly after. After that, that’s it! No more benefit.

And… you’re probably going to be hungrier than when you started, after burning less calories than you thought.
And if you treated yourself to a little post-cardio snack, you just lost ALL of the gains you just earned. Its crazy, right.

But, by strength training correctly, you’ll get your heart rate up, burn calories during and well after your session, elevate your resting metabolic rate and get all the benefits of losing weight, even while you sleep. It’s a no brainer!

Now all that being said, it’s important that you keep your nutritional intake on point. That means high quality nutrient dense meals that support all the work you’re doing, not processed junk foods and eating out all the time.

But luckily for you, I’ve got your meal plan for every week set up and ready to roll, so you can properly support yourself through this journey to ultimate heath!


Let me show you how to actually lose weight and keep it off! 

I’ll help you do that and MORE!!!


Learn to train the right way and DROP FAT, TONE UP
INCREASE your METABOLISM without cardio!
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Building Strength is Life Changing!

Do You Really Know What the Benefits of Building Strength Are?

​I mean it seems obvious, right? I increase my strength so I’m stronger, duh!!! HAHA!!!

Well let’s dive into some of the less known benefits of increasing your strength and how they can be life changing!

Here’s my TOP 4:

1. OK, let’s start with the basics. When we use weights and ask our bodies to move and lift them, we break down our muscle fibers.

Now, that may sound scary, BUT it’s actually a GREAT thing, because once the workout is done, our bodies go to work and rebuild those muscles stronger and leaner (NOT bigger). Remember, the majority of us don’t have the excess testosterone to build huge muscles by lifting weights a couple times a week.

Plus, it takes a very specific diet, genetics and dedicating your life to working out to build big muscles like a body builder. And that’s not what we’re here for. My program helps us build nice and lean muscles! I mean- That’s what we want, right?


2. Next up, benefit # 2 – Burning calories 24 hours a day.

This is a HUGE benefit! We can be sleeping, or having our morning coffee, or at the park, and we are constantly burning calories. This is done for the same reason as the 1st benefit I just talked about. By breaking down the muscle and your body launching into repair mode to rebuild them, the body expends energy to do just that!

And wah-lah, you have a 24/7 calorie burning machine!
And that means weight loss over time. All day every day!


3. OK the 3rd benefit is that becoming stronger makes you generally safer. Think about it. The stronger you are, the more likely you are to reduce the risk of any type of injury.

It’s funny how life works sometimes, you don’t really notice that you’re not as strong as you used to be, and suddenly you have a small injury, like a sprained ankle, or you pull a muscle lifting something out of the car. And the next thing you know the doctor is suggesting you start exercising more often.

Most injuries happen OUTSIDE the gym, especially if you’re following my program where safety is the #1 goal!

For a lot of us, it usually takes some sort of life event to happen to us to kick start our fitness journey back up. And maybe that’s why you’re here now joining me on the journey of ultimate health for yourself.

Don’t wait for some special moment, get started NOW! Be strong to be safe!


4. The 4th benefit is the increase in general mobility and flexibility you’ll gain.

By going through the motions of lifting weights, you’re inherently using new, bigger ranges of motion just by performing different exercises.

While one muscle is being worked and contracted, the opposing muscle is getting an amazing stretch! This will INCREASE your overall range of motion for your entire body!

Think about a bicep curl, as you contract the bicep, your tricep is getting a great stretch, and with full body workouts, everything gets a chance to work and a chance to stretch!

Contrary to popular belief, strength training performed correctly gives you better overall flexibility and mobility making your body even more supple.

No more doing static stretching exercises solely for flexibility and mobility because
lifting weights combines both!

Join the Kailon Method Program today and begin to see and feel all of these amazing benefits I just talked about!


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and you’ll
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The 2 Biggest Reasons You’re NOT Seeing Results

This is How You Overcome The 2 Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making!

rying to piece together random workouts is frustrating and will not lead to the results you’re looking for. 

If you’ve been jumping from program to program, making things up as you go or switching things up constantly, you’re missing the 2 Must-Haves when working out to achieve your goals.

This goes for all kinds of goals including weight loss, toning up, increasing energy, gaining strength, and feeling overall healthier! 

The 2 things your program MUST HAVE in order to be effective are – A planned progression and progressive overload.

#1 What is a planned progression and why is it important?

The first thing to know is the body will adapt quickly to the same stimulus. If you are doing the exact same exercises, the same amount of reps, using the same weight, walking the same distance at the same pace, holding the same stretch over and over- the body will adapt and no longer make any gains – and at some point it will begin to regress unless you start ramping up.

The flip side is if the body is put under too much stress and stimulus, it can’t recover adequately, and the same unfortunate outcome occurs.

The way we overcome this is by slowly progressing in some way over a long period of time. And that’s how I created The Kailon Method. It starts you with base level strength and focuses on your form and proper function.

​You slowly master the basics before you move on to the harder more demanding exercises. That way you’re not overdoing it, and you begin to build the perfect progression to get you to your goals!

There is enough variation to keep things fun and interesting, while still focusing on progressions of the key exercises. I meet you where your fitness level is right now and begin to masterfully progress you forward so you rarely hit a plateau, never get bored and always see a gain of some kind!

You can be a beginner to a super fit athlete and the commonality of success is still the same- Following A Planned Out Progression!

#2 What is Progressive Overload?

This goes hand in hand with the planned progression! What it means is I teach you how to add something to your exercises as you progress. Although adding more weight is one way, there are others to make sure your body is always being challenged in some productive way.

It can be adding a few more reps or adding an additional set to your exercise. It can be limiting the amount of rest between each exercise. Even just focusing more on your mind- muscle connection is a way to make gains!

The important thing is to make small improvements consistently to boost performance and change your body’s appearance.

There is truth to the saying, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

But the important thing to take away is to challenge yourself slowly and intelligently over time, not all at once!

That is what I do for you!

If you’re ready to make some changes and follow an intelligently planned progression for REAL RESULTS- Join The Kailon Method Program!


The 2 things your program MUST HAVE in order to be effective are –
A planned progression and progressive overload!
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