Do You Really Know What the Benefits of Building Strength Are?

​I mean it seems obvious, right? I increase my strength so I’m stronger, duh!!! HAHA!!!

Well let’s dive into some of the less known benefits of increasing your strength and how they can be life changing!

Here’s my TOP 4:

1. OK, let’s start with the basics. When we use weights and ask our bodies to move and lift them, we break down our muscle fibers.

Now, that may sound scary, BUT it’s actually a GREAT thing, because once the workout is done, our bodies go to work and rebuild those muscles stronger and leaner (NOT bigger). Remember, the majority of us don’t have the excess testosterone to build huge muscles by lifting weights a couple times a week.

Plus, it takes a very specific diet, genetics and dedicating your life to working out to build big muscles like a body builder. And that’s not what we’re here for. My program helps us build nice and lean muscles! I mean- That’s what we want, right?


2. Next up, benefit # 2 – Burning calories 24 hours a day.

This is a HUGE benefit! We can be sleeping, or having our morning coffee, or at the park, and we are constantly burning calories. This is done for the same reason as the 1st benefit I just talked about. By breaking down the muscle and your body launching into repair mode to rebuild them, the body expends energy to do just that!

And wah-lah, you have a 24/7 calorie burning machine!
And that means weight loss over time. All day every day!


3. OK the 3rd benefit is that becoming stronger makes you generally safer. Think about it. The stronger you are, the more likely you are to reduce the risk of any type of injury.

It’s funny how life works sometimes, you don’t really notice that you’re not as strong as you used to be, and suddenly you have a small injury, like a sprained ankle, or you pull a muscle lifting something out of the car. And the next thing you know the doctor is suggesting you start exercising more often.

Most injuries happen OUTSIDE the gym, especially if you’re following my program where safety is the #1 goal!

For a lot of us, it usually takes some sort of life event to happen to us to kick start our fitness journey back up. And maybe that’s why you’re here now joining me on the journey of ultimate health for yourself.

Don’t wait for some special moment, get started NOW! Be strong to be safe!


4. The 4th benefit is the increase in general mobility and flexibility you’ll gain.

By going through the motions of lifting weights, you’re inherently using new, bigger ranges of motion just by performing different exercises.

While one muscle is being worked and contracted, the opposing muscle is getting an amazing stretch! This will INCREASE your overall range of motion for your entire body!

Think about a bicep curl, as you contract the bicep, your tricep is getting a great stretch, and with full body workouts, everything gets a chance to work and a chance to stretch!

Contrary to popular belief, strength training performed correctly gives you better overall flexibility and mobility making your body even more supple.

No more doing static stretching exercises solely for flexibility and mobility because
lifting weights combines both!

Join the Kailon Method Program today and begin to see and feel all of these amazing benefits I just talked about!


By gaining STRENGTH your life will become EASIER, MORE ENJOYABLE
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