Kailon offers multiple level workout programs for both at-home and in-the-gym workouts, and we are here to make sure you feel comfortable choosing which program is right for you! So let’s dive in and go over each one individually.

First, it’s important to know you can change your level and location at any time! You will have access to both at-home and in-the-gym routines, and each level. It is great to have an idea of your starting point and that’s what we’ll get into next!

We offer programs for both at-home and in-the-gym. Both are effective, time-efficient and safe! The at-home program will require you to have dumbbells (varying weights preferable), a long band (with or without handles), a mini band for around your legs, a mat and a bench/chair or ottoman.

If you have access to a gym (or have a home gym), our in-the-gym program utilizes machines (such as leg press, chest press and lat pulldown), cable machines, dumbbells and medicine balls. Once you choose where you’ll be working out, next is what level to begin with!

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Both of our at-home and in-the-gym programs offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The beginner level has many advantages if you are completely new to working out or are starting back up again! You will have 2 workouts a week and each workout incorporates 8 different exercises. For those of you who are brand new or want to brush up on your form, we recommend watching the longer explanation videos that accompany the short demo videos. The explanation videos go into great detail how to correctly perform the exercise, what muscles you are engaging, where you SHOULD feel it and SHOULD NOT feel it, how to modify the exercise for various purposes and cueing to make it extremely effective.

As a true beginner we recommend 1 set of each exercise, and once you’re ready and feel good about your progress, you can perform additional sets of every exercise. The beginner program strives to give you base level strength by really focusing on and practicing basic movement patterns that are essential to move onto more difficult exercises. This is all about safe progression and not going too fast and too hard too soon! We want you to master elbow planks before knee pushups; knee pushups before straight leg pushups, and straight leg pushups before single arm plank core rotations. We want you to feel safe knowing you can join this program with no experience and thrive and learn and feel great. You just have to put the work in!

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The intermediate program takes everything a step further. There is still a safe progression, and you will be working on those important basic movement patterns, but you will be doing more advanced movements and multi-joint exercises. Every exercise in this level also has the explanation videos where you can brush up and revisit how to perform the movements flawlessly. The intermediate program is comprised of 3 workouts a week and 8 exercises in each workout. If you just made the leap from the beginner program, start with 1 set of each exercises, and once you’re ready and feel good about your progress, go for additional sets of every exercise!

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For those of you who have been working out consistently, are very physically active, or who have progressed through the different levels of the Kailon Method, the advanced program is for you. It’s important to know, no matter how advanced you are, those basic movement patterns such as squats, pushups, various types of lunges, deadlifts and presses are incredibly important. That’s how you measure progress over time and keep strong for all those new movements coming your way! The advanced program builds quicker on those movement patterns and incorporates various types of difficult exercises.

Again, it’s important to remember every exercise has in-depth videos on how to correctly and effectively perform every exercise in the program! So, if it’s a new movement or move complex than you’re used to, take a moment and watch the how-to video so you reduce the risk of injury and nail the form right away!

The advanced program is 3 workouts a week and includes 12 exercises each. If you just started the advanced program begin with 1 set each of the 12 exercises, and when you’re ready to get after it, add additional sets of each exercise!

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No matter what your fitness level is right now, from a true beginner wanting to get started to the advanced person who has been working out for years, you will find the right program for yourself here. Now is the time, get started today and be on your way to a stronger body and mind, moving better and feeling great from the inside out! We can’t wait to witness your greatness!