How Fueling Your Body Properly Is an Obvious and Overlooked Requirement…


Food!!!! YES! Oh I love it so much!!!! But to be totally honest, it took me a long time to really recognize how important proper nutrition is. I’ve been active my whole life, always competing, training, and adventuring.

I thought for sure because I was so active, I could eat anything I wanted and burn it all off. To some degree I could since the majority of what I ate was nutrient dense, but there was one big problem with my thinking.

I was hijacking my own optimal health and didn’t even know it.
I was training consistently, working out incredibly hard, following my planned progression but knew there were still results I wanted but was falling a little short.

I’ve always liked food – and though generally I eat well- I still like treats, garlic fries, butter and pizza – I mean I wouldn’t trust someone who said they never eat anything like that, right!?!

But there was still more I knew I could achieve AND MORE IMPORTANTLY I knew I could feel better overall.
Everything truly began to come together when I started tracking and taking my food intake seriously. When I started to fully accept that food was fuel, I started to eat for both performance and pleasure.

Here’s the most important takeaway – Food Is Fuel!!!

It seems endlessly complicated how many different dieting programs are out there, and it feels like a full-time job just to figure it out, should I eat more carbs, proteins, or fats- how much water do I need, how many calories do I need, the list goes on – but listen up because I’ve made it super easy for you.

I created a comprehensive FREE PDF resource that you can download on my website that walks you through step by step on how and why each nutrient is important.

But just know this, even after you’ve become super knowledgeable, which is not a requirement, I’ve taken everything you need to know and co-created the perfect meal plan with my registered dietician.

As part of my Kailon Method Program, each week I send you a complete meal plan with all the recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional information you need to make amazing, delicious, and nutritious meals that will FUEL your life and your workouts!

I want you to be filled with energy all the time and what we put in our bodies has a huge overall impact.

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be hard, just follow my simple meals and your body will thank you! Join me in fueling your life the right way…


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