Nutrition is the fourth essential pillar of our program. In order to fuel those amazing workouts, you need to energize your body with a healthy nutrient dense diet! Each week you’ll have a meal plan sent right to your inbox delivering highly nutritious recipes that are clean, healthy and delicious! Included in your weekly emailed meal plan will be the recipes, shopping list and calorie and macro breakdowns for each meal.  We make meal prepping and cooking a breeze! Our plan of simple and tasty recipes will help you on your way to being your own best ally of fueling your body!

Our meal plans are different than other programs out there. We don’t include artificial or chemical laden foods and additives. It’s simple, nutritious and delicious whole foods combined to make amazing recipes that will keep you feeling full and your body feeling nourished! We also take into consideration that time is a luxury most of us don’t have, so we share ideas and create menus that give you the ability to meal prep the week before if you want!

We will also give you suggestions on various food choices, recipes inspired from around the world, and some of the latest research out there. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there are so many body types out there that all have different dietary requirements and thrive on different strategies, and there is not just one magic meal plan for every single one of us. It’s all about learning what we like, what fuels us and what we can stick to with regards to time and efficiency!

Salmon Dish


Yellow Line

“I want to take the opportunity to tell you how much your training program has done for me and my life. Perhaps one of the most important parts is I no longer anticipate training or working out as “work” but rather an invigorating experience which embraces my self-esteem and makes my day an exciting challenge. I really look forward to “working out” with the exceptional cueing and routines you create, enabling me to try harder and harder and not giving in. Each week when I surpass the previous weight, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and if I have a question you can always answer it. I am finding my great fear of sagging skin and loss of tone is being eradicated. Feeling firm arms and legs give me a sense of well-being and youthfulness, especially when I challenge my surfer husband to arm wrestling and win! Seriously it is great fun to try on clothes when your body is fit. It is very addicting, which is why I have been working out for almost 16 years!”

-Linda W.