This is How You Can Support Your Muscular & Cardiorespiratory Systems And Get An Amazing Workout!


Cardiorespiratory, that word is quite a mouthful…. What is it and why should it be important to you?


The cardiorespiratory system operates to circulate vital compounds throughout the body – things like oxygen and nutrients, as well energy, vitamins, and minerals.

And because the heart and lungs are interconnected in this delivery process, the combined system is identified as the cardiorespiratory system.

This is often referred to as cardiovascular endurance, which is the ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to the body’s tissues during sustained physical activity. In this case, during your strength training workouts with me!

So you’ve probably heard people say they get this benefit from workouts such as running, biking, ellipticals, and aerobics classes. And that’s true to a certain degree,
but what you don’t realize is that if you’re only doing these “cardio only” type of activities, you’re missing out big time!

Most people will get on a treadmill or elliptical for the same mileage, at the same pace every single time.

There are 2 negative things when this happens – the first is the body adapts quite quickly. So the first few times you did that mileage and pace, it was challenging, the heart rate increased, and then all of a sudden…

BOOM- your body adapted and now in order to get any benefit, both the distance and the speed needs to increase.

Otherwise, there’s not going to be any more cardiovascular gains happening.

The second thing to know, is all this cardio is catabolic, meaning it will deplete muscle over fat. The body views muscle as expendable and fat as necessary. Crazy right?

It’s the body’s nature to survive and so it keeps a hold of that fat for later in case of an emergency.

So all of your calorie burning will go towards breaking down muscle for fuel and the fat will stick around the longest. AND… most likely you will be over-stressing your joints by all the repetitive and impactful motions.

There’s no reason to cause premature joint issues for minimal calorie burn when there’s a better way!

Steady state cardio can help you gain some immediate heart and lung capacity, but then you pay for it with your joints, bones, ligaments, and connective tissues. 
So what’s your overall gain now? Minimal!

There’s a better way. Strength training in general, and specifically my Kailon Method program gives you all the cardiorespiratory benefits while gaining strength and flexibility. 

Think about this- our cardiovascular system supports the muscular system – so as our muscles get activated, it requires our heart and blood pumping capabilities to get more efficient as well!

When you strength properly with my Slow-Intensity method, I show you exactly how to get the best results, and you get your heart pumping cardio included with your strength training routine.

This is important to know – your heart and lungs are a demand-based system. When they sense your body needs more blood and oxygen they go to work and increase your heart rate to give those muscles energy!

They don’t know if you are running at 100% on a treadmill or putting 100% effort into your squat. So why not get the most benefit with the least amount of joint damage and lift those weights!

As a bonus when you have more muscle, your heart and lungs have more tissue to serve blood and oxygen to- which will improve your overall cardiovascular healthy! Double Bonus!

The key is to minimize the amount of rest between exercises, making sure to keep your muscles under a state of continuous resistance, and pushing yourself towards muscle failure and,
wah-lah, you get a great amount of cardio work as well.

Building cardiovascular endurance requires the regular performance of training that elevates your heart rate, and I’ve designed my program with exactly that in mind.

All you have to do is show up, put in the work, remain dedicated towards your long term goals, and you will earn great benefits for your muscle, bones, heart, lungs and more!

Your heart and lungs will thank you, both literally and emotionally when you’re pumping out all those endorphins!

Let me show you how, all you need to do is put your heart health first – and I’ll help you do just that.

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