Here’s Some Tips To Give Your Metabolism The Jump Start it Needs!


Let’s jump right in with a quick overview of what our resting metabolic rate (RMR) actually is.

Your RMR is the total number of calories burned when your body is completely at rest – basically what it takes to stay alive and function properly.

Now, our overall metabolism isn’t a singular function. It’s part of a series of functions that are happening all the time in each of our cells. The rate at which these functions happen is our metabolic rate.

When we eat something, our body converts that into energy to fuel things like breathing, digestion and even working out.

Everyone’s RMR is different. There are things that can affect RMR that include weight, gender, age, and body composition.

So, someone who has muscle on their body will require a higher RMR to sustain and feed those muscles.

That means more muscle = more calories burned AT REST, that’s hugely important!

Generally speaking, after age 30, we start decreasing what muscle we do have on our body, which in turn
slows our metabolism and can lead to weight gain.

All it takes a sustained period away from your normal exercise routine and that feeling starts to come on slowly. At first it seems like no big deal because you can jump back in whenever you want, right?

The next thing you know a few weeks have gone by, maybe a couple months or even a year, and now you’re really feeling and seeing the effects of your slowed metabolic rate.

A slow metabolism restricts the supply of nutrients to the cells in your body. You may find that your cells are not repairing as quickly and are losing their optimal healthy state.

This can manifest in all sorts of ways such as sluggishness, weight gain, a harder time losing weight, feeling cold all the time and dry skin among other things.

So how can strength training change all that?

When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism – and that makes your body burn more calories.

Think about this – muscle is the most metabolically expensive tissue in your body and requires a large amount of calories just to live, which means your body will burn extra calories just to feed those muscles.

Strength Training with my Kailon Method Program provides you with a continued exercise progression, which in turn increases your resting metabolic rate slowly over time.

This is why you feel better and better once you get started and stick with it. Lifting weights signals your muscles to grow (leaner NOT bigger).

This growth requires energy which your body gets by burning calories at a higher rate, which translates into quicker results to get your body to a happy place.

Now if you used to be a cardio-only person, I get it, you’re wondering does this same thing happen when doing cardio specific workouts.

So, here’s the deal, focusing on cardio can quickly lead to a plateau as your body adapts – and it will quicker than you think.

Too much steady state cardio can cause your body to burn fewer calories because it reacts to long term stress by trying to conserve as many calories as possible by slowing down your metabolism.

This means that you will start burning fewer calories while at rest and during your cardio exercise. Crazy right? But it’s true.

Building more muscle mass is most effective way to increase your RMR and metabolism overall. I mean who doesn’t want to burn more calories at rest and see faster results!

So let’s jump start your metabolism together!


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