Let’s Talk More About Muscle Fatigue And It’s Importance! It’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of, It’s Something To Strive For!


Muscle fatigue, also known as muscle failure, is when you are performing an exercise and your body has recruited every single muscle fiber it can – and as hard as you try, you can’t move that weight safely anymore.

One big thing to remember is this… Your mind will fail before your body does. So it’s important to distinguish between the 2 and that takes both practice and perfecting your form 1st!

This concept goes hand in hand with progressive overload. Remember when I taught you that in order to reach your goals you have to make small adjustments to keep your workouts challenging?

Things like more weight, reps, sets or even increasing the range of motion? Well, this is the other important factor.

Most people get in a rut with their weight training – they do the same exercises, with the same weight for the same amount of reps.

One other crucial component is pushing close to muscle fatigue.

There are 3 types of muscle fatigue. Failure on form, failure on the concentric (or positive) and failure on the eccentric (or negative).

Since safety is an important part of the Kailon Method,
I want you to know it’s ok to stop before hitting full out muscle fatigue.

Consistency and progress far outweigh the possibility of injury, so I want you to push yourself responsibly.

What I do want you to focus on is making sure you really feel the muscle burn and by the time you’re done it feels like you really worked that muscle hard!

The reason I do not give specific reps on exercises is because my 12 isn’t your 12- and it takes time to know what weight is best for your fitness level and current strength.
If you have more in your tank, I want you to do more!

Remember you most likely don’t have a spotter, so going to full blown muscle fatigue isn’t safe and it is not necessary to see gains!

By learning proper form first, then following my planned progression you will begin to feel more confident in your ability to push yourself over time.

Just another tool in your workout toolkit to make sure you see progress!


Speed up your progress by slowing thing down and getting close to muscle fatigue!

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